voto® lightbouncer pro

Screen option: Diffusion ⎮ 1/1 WHITE DIFFUSION


Product information "voto® lightbouncer pro"

The voto® lightbouncer pro is the very first hassle-free Light Modifier. Developed with europe's leading carbon trader, the voto® is super easy to use and features a modern carbon-fiber frame and many smart features. Like our super fast and easy Quick-Zip System that allows you to change Screens in the blink of an eye. Additionally, the Easy-Mount System is ready in just 4-clicks, so you can start production in just a few seconds.

Join the hassle-free revolution and concentrate on the things that really matter: bringing your creative ideas and vision to life.

Feature Highlights

Carbon Fiber Frame
Our Super-Sturdy Carbon Fiber Frame is super lightweight and always stays in shake even after extended use, resulting in almost Winkle-Free Screens and easy handling. Additionally, carbon is super robust and durable and will last you a long time.

Super Fast Set Up
Just 4 clicks, and you are ready to shoot or packed up again, even in sandy conditions. And thanks to our Quick-Zip Screens you can change Screens on the go in just a few seconds.

Flexible workflow
The voto® lightbouncer pro is compatible with over 11 screens that can all be changed in no time thanks to our Quick-Zip System. Additionally, the frame is compatible with all common rigging standards.

Hassle-free Guarantee
If something breaks by accident, we will send you a free spare-part. No questions asked.

A high performance light diffusor screen for precise light control in the studio and in outdoor situations.
Thanks to our wrinkle-free system this screen creates a color-neutral and soft light with an even light distribution around your subject. Ideal for achieving a gradient effect even on glossy and reflective surfaces.

COLOR/TYPE: neutral diffusor
SIZE: 145 x 89 cm / 57.1 x 35 inches

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Manufactured in Germany 
Every voto® lightbouncer pro is designed and manufactured in Germany. Our screens and frames are assembled and sewed together locally by hand in Germany.

What's in the box:

• Easy-Mount Frame
• 2x Easy-Mount Handles
• 1x Quick-Zip Screen of your choice
• 1x Carrying-Bag

Weight & Size

Screen Sizes:
145 x 89 cm / 57.1 x 35 inches

Frame Size:
146 x 121 cm / 57.5 x 47.6 inches

Transport Size:
146 x 20 cm / 57.5 x 7.87 inches

1,65 kg / 3.7 pounds
Screen included

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